I answer simple questions with simple answers.

What is ASMR?

Have you ever watched one of those “whispering” videos? The ones that make you feel like you might be watching some weird sex kink on YouTube? Well, these videos actually help viewers relax or fall asleep. Yes, fall asleep. I know this because I watch these videos every night! ASMR is a real scientific phenomenonContinue reading “What is ASMR?”

Is sliced bread bad?

Okay, I f*cking love bread, so imagine my surprise when my Europeans friends exclaimed, “American bread is a joke and not even real bread!” Honestly, I wanted to prove them wrong, but after my first visit to France, I had to agree. It’s not that we don’t have some good (REAL) bread in America. TheContinue reading “Is sliced bread bad?”

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