Is it okay to make mistakes?

Today’s post is a little different! There’s no history or fun fact today, sorry to those who are sad about it. Next post will be business as usual!

So back to the question. Is it okay to make mistakes? In this society where “cancel culture” is a thing, it honestly feels like mistakes are suicide. Perfection is being fed to us through social media, music, movies, and even blogs like mine. You guys don’t see the late nights where I just stare at my laptop screen for 30 minutes and turn off my laptop after writing “uhsudihaiusfncjdnhwuh Ifucking hate this and chees is ugly.” Or the times I complain about making good YouTube videos, but getting zero recognition and tear down other more successful creators. We all say the wrong things and do the wrong things. Embrace it and grow!

My point is perfection is not real, but progress and growth is and that is enough. Perfection has no place in my life and I believe it shouldn’t in anyone’s life.

So let’s laugh at my mistakes!

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