When did women start shaving their legs?

I hate shaving. So I was butt naked in the shower the other day and thought to myself, “Why the fuck did women start shaving and when the hell did we start this torture?” I remember looking at a porn magazine when I was younger (I found it on accident) and noticing that all these women were rocking some serious hair down there! So, I did some googling and found that women have been getting rid of their body hair for some time now, even the Egyptians did it!

However in modern American history, it wasn’t until women started showing more skin that companies began to create shaving products and advertise the banishment of visible body hair. This started around the 1910’s and continued as women’s wardrobe changed with garments like the mini skirt and bikini. Speaking of bikinis, the Brazilian wax came around in 1987 which was the final nail in the coffin for girls like me.

Lazy, but still want to mold to this society’s standards of beauty. If you can’t beat em, join em! Which is why I did my first Brazilian wax and recorded it all for your entertainment. Check it out on my YouTube channel!

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