Is sliced bread bad?

Okay, I f*cking love bread, so imagine my surprise when my Europeans friends exclaimed, “American bread is a joke and not even real bread!” Honestly, I wanted to prove them wrong, but after my first visit to France, I had to agree. It’s not that we don’t have some good (REAL) bread in America. The problem is we are incredibly used to the fake kind of bread. Most of us were raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a simple ham and cheese sandwich.

Do you know what you’re actually feeding your children though? It’s NOT bread! Honestly, I don’t want to come off as some gluten free, rich LA native (trust me I am FAR from that person). BUT the fact that there is sugar, bleaching components, and more weird ass ingredients in the bread that I ‘ve been eating since I was a little girl is alarming.

Flour, yeast, salt and water, that’s it. That’s all you need to make a loaf of bread, so why are there at least 20 ingredients in a slice of Wonder bread? Can a simple bread be as tasty as those unhealthy breads I’ve become addicted to all these years? I tried it! Check out my latest YouTube video where I show you all (mainly myself) that I can make delicious bread and enjoy it!

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