What is halal food?

When I was living in Florida there were no halal carts or as a matter of fact Muslims around me. Maybe this is the case for you too, so let your beautiful big sister here explain what halal food is (as I understand it)!

Halal is the Arabic word for lawful and permitted. Basically, halal food refers to standards of the ingredients and their preparation. It’s similar to organic or free range certifications on food. There are rules and certain standards that need to be upheld in order for food to be considered organic or cruelty free. Same can be said about halal food, but what determines these standards? This is where religion comes into play, so halal is actually food specifically for Muslims because it’s prepared according to the Islamic laws Muslims adhere to.

That’s the VERY simplified version of it! If you wanna learn more go to halaladvocates.org. Nowadays, anyone eats halal food because honestly it’s delicious! Try it if you can~

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