What is mercury retrograde?

Anyone here a huge fan of pick a card readings on YouTube? Nope? So I’m the only one clicking on the “Love coming your way in 2020!!!!” Fair enough… Anyways, so those of you who are not into things like astrology or tarot readings then this is gonna be gibberish to you, but maybe the stars have actually been affecting you?

More accurately, the planet of Mercury which in astrology is the planet that governs communication. So what does it mean when it goes retrograde? Basically it’s when Earth passes Mercury in orbit and therefore it looks like Mercury is moving backwards, but it’s actually not. Regardless, this messes with the energies that surround this world and it leads to miscommunications, intense fights, phone calls dropping, and you stuttering a thousand times in a day. So next time your witchy friend says, oh this mercury retrograde is killing me, you understand what the hell she’s talking about!

Also, in honor of mercury retrograde (it passed now), I filmed a video on my YouTube channel. I paid a psychic to draw my soulmate and I actually found him! Check out my channel for the video~



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